Francisco Marco Rius

Francisco Marco leads a group of data scientists in Faurecia Interior Systems, the business group that manufacture instrument panels, door panels, center consoles and acoustic modules. The data science group is focused in improve the manufacturing process along the business group, from predictive maintenance to quality. He coordinates the selection of use cases, the analytical solutions and the deployments in production. He has experience in data analytics since more than 9 years. Before joining the automotive sector, he analyzed data in the Thünen Research institute (Germany) optimizing vessel surveys. Previously, he worked in the Genetics department of Vigo University until the completion of his Ph.D.
Day One - 13:20 – 14:00
Challenges and answers for big data analytics in manufacturing

  • Challenges that Faurecia has faced to deal with the data coming from different technologies. Focused mainly in manufacturing, I will go through the different phases of the analytical part finishing in the deployment of solutions.
  • How these activities are adding value to the company in very different ways, like prevention of breakdowns, the root cause of quality issues and prevention of delivery issues.
  • Research and development branch where we use different machine learning algorithms applied to manufacturing to explore new boundaries of added value using big data.
With 300 sites including 30 R&D centers in 35 countries around the world, Faurecia is now a global leader in its three areas of business: automotive seating, interior systems and emissions control technologies. Faurecia is the world’s number one supplier of seat frames and mechanisms, emissions control technologies and vehicle interiors. The Group is also the world’s third-largest supplier of complete seat systems.