Jürgen Großmann

Jürgen Großmann is Senior Scientist and Project Manager at Fraunhofer FOKUS. As member of the Competence Center "System Quality Center" (SQC) he is responsible for validation, verification and testing projects on next generation networks and software technologies for embedded systems.

Jürgen Großmann is an expert on model-based development, model driven testing as well as in security engineering and security testing.
He has experiences in numerous standardization activities for various standardization bodies, including OMG, ETSI, ASAM and AUTOSAR.
We make sure digitalization is tidy At Fraunhofer FOKUS, we explore and develop the networked world – making it secure, reliable and trustworthy. We connect everything.

20 billion – this is how many connected devices will be in private homes and businesses by the year 2020. This development will fundamentally change communication and interaction in all areas of life and work, from highly automated driving and new entertainment options to smart cities and the factory of tomorrow.

Digitalization should ensure a higher quality of life, more sustainability and more security. To achieve this, devices have to be connected – but so does (almost) everything else: people, things, systems, processes and organizations.
DAY 2 - 14:50 - 16:30
KEYNOTE: Cyber Security Assurance for the Connected Vehicle

  • Principles in securing vehicle software, services and infrastructures.