Keeran Parry VetriKo

Keeran VetriKo is a Global Business Transformation Leader with a career spanning more than 20 years working in Fortune 500 & Forbes 2000 MNCs and effectively driving cross-functional and cross-segmental Excellence in various business functions and industries within large global complex matrix organisations. Keeran who holds a Master Black Belt in Six Sigma, designed and developed his very own Excellence programme called ‘VetriKo Business Excellence Model’, an effective four phased Holistic Business Transformation programme based on Lean, Agility, Digital Transformation and Value Creation incorporating JERES, his own Change Management Strategy. He is currently authoring a book titled ‘5C Strategy: The Art of Leading Sustainable Transformation in Business’ which will be available soon.
Day Two - 09:10 – 09:50
KEYNOTE: What’s next in Continuous Improvement?

  • Continuous Improvement has evolved based on customer demands. So what’s after Lean Six Sigma?
  • New CI strategy has moved away from ideological concepts to more practical solutions based on quick changing customer requirements.
  • Digital Transformation and its role in Continuous Improvement.
  • Outside-the-Box Thinking in Business environment.
  • How to introduce Agility into your Business Operating model.
  • Understating the new CI formula; BE 2.0 = DT * (VC + A) * (L + SS) * CM
  • Introducing JERES, Change Management strategy.
"We take responsibility in Agile Transformation, Process Excellence and Change Management across all areas of your business as well as capability of bringing the best out in people."

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