Lene Ovesen

Lene Ovesen, Senior Process Manager at Copenhagen Airports A/S.

Developing and implementing the strategic breakthrough “Effective Processes”. Project Manager on a large cross-functional project including the most important stakeholders (Airlines, Ground handler, tax-free shops etc.). At the airport, she has worked a lot on building process excellence competencies in a very busy operation. The variation on the process maturity level challenges the way she and her team design the training programs.
She started working at Copenhagen Airports in 2016 – before she was a Head of Emergency Center at SOS International A/S.
Day Two - 09:50 – 10:30
KEYNOTE: Building PEX competencies in a busy operation – how can this be built and which critical elements to consider?

  • How to create the “right” process excellence training programme – and how to secure the usage of these competencies in a busy operation?
  • How to create and maintain demand for PEX competencies?
  • What value can you get out of all these “PEX ambassadors”?
"Copenhagen Airport is Denmark’s largest workplace on one single location. We have 23.000 employees distributed over more than 700 different companies on our 12 km2 – servicing nearly 30M passengers traveling through the airport annually. With direct routes to 165 destinations and 76 different airline companies in our route network, Copenhagen Airport is the greatest air traffic hub of Northern Europe.

Roskilde Airport (RKE) is also under our management – covering approx. 25 companies & 300 employees. RKE is an effective airport for private-, business- and training flights for students." (Copenhagen Airport)