Linda Ekener Mägi

Working for more than 20 years building business out of technology. The first years it was about person-to-person communication but for the last 7 years it has been about exploiting mature connectivity and IT in order to support digitization in different industries. Having worked in the ICT industry in various positions in product management, marketing, communications, sustainability, business development and sales. Linda has a Master of Science in Computer Engineering as well as a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration.
Day One - 13:50 – 14:30
CASE STUDY: Learn from how Tele2 IoT develops new value propositions based on the Lean Startup methodology working actively with customer validation

  • How to identify which customer problems to solve in an immature area such as the Internet of Things
  • How to validate our hypothesis
  • Testing new business models
Tele2 IoT was established in 2014 to address the business opportunities in the Internet of Things. Initially, the offering was IoT connectivity but it is now expanding into Enabling Services based on in-house developed products.