Steven Wierckx

Steven Wierckx is a software and security tester with 18 years of experience in programming, security testing, source code review, test automation, functional and technical analysis, development, and database design, Steven shares his passion for web application security through writing and training on testing software for security problems, secure coding, security awareness, security testing, and threat modeling. He is the project leader for the OWASP Threat Modeling Project and organizes the BruCON student CTF. Last year, he spoke at Hack in the Box Amsterdam, hosted workshops at BruCON and DevSecCon (UK) and delivered threat modeling trainings at OWASP AppSec USA, BruCON and O’Reilly Security New York.
Day One - 15:10 – 17:10
WORKSHOP: Threat modeling for automotive

  • In this workshop we will first introduce threat modeling as it is known for software development. We will discuss how automotive design/manufacturing processes are similar and where they differ. In smaller groups, we will do a threat model exercise and figure out how threat modeling can be fit into the automotive design processes.
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